Special Operations


We operate on hydraulic works of complex contexts such as Power Plants, Dams and Refineries by intervening on intake works, tanks, bulkheads, piles, pipes.

Our human resources have gained considerable experience in structural underwater instrumental reconnaissance activities. We operate using both remote-controlled underwater robots (ROVs) and experienced divers in complex contexts. We employ, according to the operational contexts, custom designed instruments, cameras or sonar with the possibility of processing the data and images acquired on electronic support. We carry out instrumental underwater structural surveys on cooling towers, piling, wet channels, bulkheads; underwater cleaning with PCT and pumps for suction deposits; demolition of damaged portions of the CLS on piers and walls; jacketing of pylons and walls with underwater injection epoxy resin; non-destructive thickness tests.


Our personnel have accumulated solid experience in instrumental underwater structural investigations in electrical power plants, and in operations conducted at the SARAS petrochemical plant in Sarroch (Cagliari). We also work with remotely operated underwater robots (ROV) to handle jobs that are excessively hazardous or inaccessible to divers or to support the work of divers, and with a team of certified pilots and divers. Depending on the operational situation we use bespoke instrumentation, cameras and sonars with the facility to process the captured data and images using digital media.

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